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At SOLO, we believe in a future where education and employment are seamlessly connected, enabling individuals to achieve their career goals while helping employers find the right talent. Our platform is designed to create a positive impact by transforming how skills and credentials are recognized, validated, and utilized across industries.

SOLO stands for Skills, Opportunties, Learnings & Outcomes​


Job Exploration: The Learning & Employment Hub helps you find job options and career paths that match your skills and interests.

Verifiable Profiles: Create a profile to show off your skills and achievements. Earn Learning Employment Records (LER) by completing tasks and activities.

Credential Wallet: Keep your credentials and certifications safe in one place. Share them easily when needed, using secure decentralized technology.

Skill Recognition: Participate in learning activities to develop new skills. Showcase your abilities to stand out to employers looking for talented individuals.

Efficient Credential Verification: Simplify credential verification with the Credential Wallet, ensuring swift authentication of candidates’ qualifications.

Talent Acquisition Support: Post openings and internships on the Learning & Employment Hub, streamlining talent acquisition efforts.

Employee Skill Recognition: Issue Learning Employment Records (LER) to acknowledge and validate employee skills, fostering career growth.

Streamlined Talent Management: Manage candidate interactions and recruitment processes seamlessly through the Institution & Employer Portal.

Seamless Credential Issuance: Issue and manage digital credentials seamlessly with the Credential Issuance Platform, including Learning Employment Records (LER).

Enhanced Educational Credibility: Design custom digital badges and certificates to boost the credibility of educational programs using the Credential Designer.

Efficient Enrollment Management: Simplify enrollment processes and enhance communication through the Institution & Employer Portal.

Expanded Learning Opportunities: Offer a wide range of courses, internships, and hackathons on the Learning & Employment Hub to enrich student experiences and skill development.

Personalized Badge Offerings: Provide members with personalized digital badges through the Credential Designer, showcasing their expertise.

Community Engagement Platform: Foster networking and knowledge exchange among members via the Learning & Employment Hub.

Enhanced Member Recognition: Issue digital badges and certificates to recognize members’ contributions and achievements.

Tailored Professional Development: Offer specialized training programs and workshops tailored to members’ needs and industry trends.

Streamlined Verification Processes: Connect with HR systems and verification services for efficient credential verification using the Integration Suite.

Verifiable Credential Issuance: Issue secure digital credentials, including Learning Employment Records (LER), with the Credential Issuance Platform.

Enhanced Program Integrity: Design and issue custom digital badges to enhance the credibility of certification programs using the Credential Designer.

Comprehensive Certification Programs: Provide comprehensive certification programs covering a wide range of industries and skill sets through the Learning & Employment Hub.

Secure Digital Credential Issuance: Ensure trust and transparency in public services with secure digital credentials issued via the Credential Issuance Platform.

Efficient Identity Management: Manage citizen identities securely with the Credential Wallet, facilitating seamless access to government services.

Public Service Training Initiatives: Provide comprehensive training initiatives for government employees through the Learning & Employment Hub, supporting professional development.

Streamlined Citizen Services: Offer centralized platforms for citizens to access government services and programs, enhancing efficiency and accessibility.

Efficient Credential Management: Manage and validate credentials for internal training programs efficiently with SOLO’s solutions.

Promotion of Internal Training Opportunities: Promote internal training programs and issue Learning Employment Records (LER) to recognize employee learning achievements using the Learning & Employment Hub.

Seamless Skill Recognition: Recognize employees’ skills and achievements with digital badges and certificates issued through the Credential Issuance Platform.

Tailored Learning Paths: Create customized learning paths for employees based on their skills, roles, and career aspirations, leveraging the Learning & Employment Hub’s resources and tools.

Seamless Credential Management: Integration with SOLO offers users easy credential issuance and verification, enhancing system value for all parties.

Enhanced Value Proposition: SOLO’s features boost platform appeal by providing secure and efficient credential management solutions.

Interoperability with External Systems: The Integration Suite ensures platforms connect smoothly with HRMS, LMS, and other systems for streamlined operations.

Efficiency Improvement: SOLO’s integration improves credential verification speed and reduces administrative workload, enhancing user satisfaction.

The Ecosystem

Learning & Employment Hub

Centralize learning records and employment opportunities within a single platform, providing learners with comprehensive tools to navigate their education and career paths effectively.

Institution & Employer Portal

Offer dedicated portals for institutions and employers to streamline interactions within the ecosystem, facilitating enrollment, credential verification, and talent acquisition processes.

Certificates & Badge Designer

Empower institutions & employers to design advanced digital badges and certificates using an intuitive designer, ensuring the authenticity and visual appeal of their credentials.

Credential Issuance Platform

Seamlessly issue verifiable credentials, as Learning Employment Records (LER), to learners, enhancing the credibility and portability of their educational and professional achievements.

Identity & Credential Wallet

Redefine credential management with a secure and decentralized wallet, ensuring users have convenient access to their digital identities and credentials from any device, anywhere.

Integration Suite

Equipped with APIs, integrations, and SDKs, the Integration Suite streamlines connectivity with existing external systems such as HRMS, LMS, credential issuance and verification systems.

Learning & Employment Hub

Immerse yourself in the Learning and Employment Hub, bridging learners, institutions, and employers for mutual growth.

Explore a myriad of courses, internships, and job listings, fueling your journey of continuous learning and professional development.

Craft a standout profile to showcase your skills and engage with a vibrant community of peers and mentors, fostering meaningful connections and collaboration.

Immerse yourself in the Learning and Employment Hub, where connections lead to opportunities and growth, shaping your journey toward success.

Institution & Employer Portal

Customize your portal to align with organizational branding and requirements, ensuring a personalized experience for stakeholders.

Efficiently manage applications for programs, courses, or positions, simplifying administrative tasks and ensuring a seamless application process.

Streamline talent acquisition efforts by accessing a pool of qualified candidates through job postings and internship listings.

Collaborate with other institutions or employers on joint initiatives, fostering innovation and knowledge-sharing within the ecosystem.

Identity & Credential Wallet

Access, manage, and share your credentials securely with the Credential Wallet, empowering you to showcase your achievements effortlessly.

Experience seamless integration with various digital credential standards, ensuring compatibility and reliability across platforms.

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing between custodial or decentralized storage options, giving you control over your data and privacy.

Easily backup and export your credentials for safekeeping or portability, providing peace of mind and convenience in managing your digital identity.

Credential Designer & Issuance Platform

Craft personalized badges and certificates effortlessly with the Credential Designer, empowering institutions and employers to showcase expertise. 

Seamlessly issue verifiable credentials, adhering to industry standards, bolstering trust and portability.

Harness the Credential Issuance Platform’s capabilities to ensure compliance and integrity, amplifying the value of educational and professional achievements.

Elevate recognition and credibility with seamless credential management, fostering career growth and opportunities.

  • Internship Listings

    Explore available internship opportunities to gain practical experience, expand your skill set, and enhance employability in the job market.

  • Course Listings

    Browse a diverse range of courses spanning various subjects and skill levels, enabling continuous learning and skill development.

  • Job Postings

    Browse and apply to job opportunities posted by top employers, facilitating career advancement and job placement.

  • Skills Assessment

    Evaluate your skills through comprehensive assessments to identify strengths and areas for improvement, aligning with career goals.

  • Hackathon Events

    Participate in hackathons and coding challenges to showcase your problem-solving abilities and collaborate with peers on innovative projects.

  • Career Pathways

    Explore predefined career paths tailored to your interests and skills, providing guidance and direction for professional growth and development.

  • Verifiable Profiles

    Build and maintain verifiable profiles to showcase your qualifications, achievements, and credentials, enhancing credibility and visibility to potential employers.

  • Networking Tools

    Utilize networking tools to connect with peers, mentors, and industry professionals, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

  • Resume Builder

    Generate professional resumes integrating verifiable credentials, skills, and achievements from your profile, providing a comprehensive overview of your qualifications.

  • Verifiable Credentials

    Issue digitally signed and verifiable credentials, including certificates, badges, and Learning & Employment Records (LER), to learners and professionals.

  • Blockchain Integration

    Utilize blockchain technology to ensure the integrity and immutability of issued credentials, enhancing trust and security.

  • Credential Designer

    Design custom credential templates tailored to specific programs, courses, or achievements, reflecting organizational branding and requirements.

  • Automated Issuance Workflows

    Streamline credential issuance processes with automated workflows, reducing manual intervention and administrative overhead.

  • Compliance Management

    Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations governing credential issuance and verification, enhancing credibility and trust.

  • Bulk Credential Issuance

    Issue credentials in bulk to large cohorts of learners or professionals, improving efficiency and scalability.

  • Learning Pathway Creation

    Create customized learning pathways by grouping related courses and achievements, guiding learners through structured learning journeys.

  • Credential Revocation and Renewal

    Enable the revocation and renewal of credentials as needed, maintaining up-to-date and accurate records of individuals' qualifications.

  • Analytics and Insights

    Access analytics and insights into credential issuance metrics, including issuance volume, completion rates, and learner engagement, to inform decision-making and program improvement efforts.

  • Talent Acquisition

    Access a pool of qualified candidates by posting job opportunities and internships, streamlining the recruitment process and filling critical roles effectively.

  • Collaboration Tools

    Collaborate with other institutions or employers on joint initiatives, projects, or partnerships, fostering innovation and knowledge-sharing within the ecosystem.

  • Customizable Portals

    Customize portals to align with organizational branding and requirements, providing a personalized and cohesive experience for stakeholders.

  • Credential Verification

    Easily verify the authenticity of digital credentials issued within the ecosystem, providing stakeholders with confidence in the validity of qualifications and achievements.

  • Application Management

    Manage applications for programs, courses, or positions efficiently, simplifying administrative tasks and ensuring a seamless application process for applicants.

  • Streamlined Credential Issuance

    Streamline the issuance of digital credentials, including certificates and badges, leveraging blockchain technology for enhanced security and trust.

  • Career Pathways Creation

    Create predefined career pathways tailored to individuals' interests and skills, guiding learners towards their desired professional goals within the ecosystem.

  • Credential Designer

    Design custom digital badges and certificates with intuitive tools and templates, empowering institutions and employers to showcase achievements effectively.

  • Learning & Employment Records (LER)

    Issue verifiable Learning & Employment Records (LER) in compliance with industry standards, providing learners with portable credentials to showcase their skills and accomplishments.

  • Support for Multiple Identities

    Manage multiple identities, including DIDs, emails, and other identifiers, providing users with flexibility and control over their digital presence and credentials.

  • Verifiable Credentials

    Store and present verifiable credentials, ensuring their authenticity and enabling secure sharing with third parties.

  • Backup and Export

    Safeguard credentials by backing up and exporting them to secure storage or other devices for redundancy and accessibility.

  • Credential Management

    Easily manage and organize credentials, including importing, sharing, and viewing them as needed.

  • Multi-Standard Support

    Support various credential standards such as Open Badges 2.0, Open Badges 3.0, and ELM, ensuring compatibility with diverse ecosystems and platforms.

  • Interoperability

    Seamlessly integrate with other systems and platforms, enabling smooth data exchange and interoperability for enhanced user experience.

  • Decentralized Identity

    Utilize decentralized identity technologies to empower users with control over their digital identities, enhancing security and privacy.

  • Built-in Credential Validation

    Validate credentials against stored identities according to standards, ensuring compliance and accuracy in credential verification processes.

  • Storage Flexibility

    Choose between custodial or decentralized storage options for data management, allowing users to select the preferred method based on their security and privacy preferences.

SOLO as LER Solutions Provider

SOLO Learning & Employment Hub, aggregates diverse opportunities—internships, courses, projects, hackathons, and jobs—with streamlined enrollments and career pathways, bolstered by LER credentials

Credential Designer and Issuance Platform enables issuance of future-ready credentials (e.g., Open Badge 2.0, Open Badge 3.0, European Learning Model).

SOLO Credential Wallets with integrated decentralised identity facilitates interoperability for effortless profile transfer across platforms, allowing learners to import, export, share, and auto-verify Verifiable LER Credentials.

Cultivating connections between institutions, learners, and employers is essential for driving innovation and shaping the future of education and employment



Quick Setup

Organizations can swiftly establish their accounts on SOLO master subnet and access SOLO’s suite of features and services, without the need for extensive infrastructure.


Customization and Data Control

Create a customized, self hosted instance of SOLO, ensuring control over data and branding while leveraging the platform’s robust features for credential management and verification.

APIs and SDKs Integration

Flexible Integration Solutions

Seamlessly integrate SOLO products into your existing systems and workflows using APIs and SDKs. This approach enables deep integrations, enhancing efficiency and scalability.

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