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Futuristic platforms needs futuristic technologies such as Blockchain & AI. We believe blockchain technology is integral part of future to build next generation tech solutions. SPARK+ helps you to leverage blockchain technology for your existing business or new idea.

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SPARK+ Blockchain Solutions

We believe the Blockchain suits well where it fits well. Being an early explorer of blockchain SPARK+ has built its expertise over the past few years. From Use case analysis to quality delivery SPARK+ makes sure your product enhances its value with the power of blockchain technology. We believe in building right solutions which fits your business needs. Being a futuristic, advanced and unique innovation hub SPARK+ is a partner of reputed companies such as Chainlink labs, Stripe & working with them to build Web 3.0 solutions of tomorrow. SPARK+ can be your tech development partner to bring transparency, trust and decentralization in your product.

Market Ready


Our market ready web 3.0 solutions are growth accelerators that enable startups or businesses to instantly set up and launch their blockchain applications with ease, allowing them to focus on core business challenges, marketing, business development and driving the organization forward.

Crypto Banking, Wallets & Payments

Web 3.0 Social Media

Document Issuance & Verification

Decentralized Finance & NFTs

Voting & Ballots

Travel & Tourism

Workforce Development

Blockchain Development


Decentralized Finance

Unlock the full potential of DeFi with our comprehensive services. DeFi services include staking, lending, decentralized exchanges, yield farming, insurance, asset collateralization and more.


Tokenize your assets with tokenization services on different blockchains using token standards such as ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155 & Elevate your token's value through ecosystem development services.

Smart Contract Development

Transform your business with smart contract development services, customized for finance, gaming, healthcare, supply chain, and more to enhance trust, transparency, and security with blockchain technology.


Transform your digital content into valuable and tradable assets with our top-notch NFT and NFT marketplace development services to manage, monetize, and protect your unique creations in a decentralized way.


Develop custom wallets tailored to match your specific requirements, such as Multi-currency wallet, Cold wallet, NFC card based wallet with features including storage, management, exchange, payment and more.

Crypto banking & Payments

Step into the future of banking with our feature-rich personal and business banking ecosystem, which includes multi-currency wallets, payment gateways, NFC card-based payment systems, mobile apps.

Blockchain Networks & Protocols

Unlock the full potential of Web 3.0 through research and development of custom blockchain networks and protocols with advanced configurations to support unique business use cases.

Decentralized Identity

Empower your customers to take control of their data by implementing our decentralized identity solutions which have W3C compliant verifiable credentials and support various blockchains networks.

Decentralized Social Media

Transform your social media experience with our decentralized social media solutions, creating secure, transparent, and user-owned platforms for businesses and organizations to build an open economy

Decentralized Lottery & Gaming

Create a secure and transparent gambling experience with our decentralized lottery and platforms with features such as fully decentralized random number generation, automated payouts and rewards.

Digital Voting Systems & DAO

Adopt our blockchain-based voting system to enable government and non-government entities to conduct secure and transparent digital voting, ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of the process.

Supply Chain

Revolutionize supply chain with the power of blockchain technology, leveraging its decentralized and immutable ledger to enhance transparency, and efficiency, from procurement to delivery.

Our Web 3.0


Crypto Wallet and Payments

Crypto Wallet & Payments


Decentralized Video & NFT Platform

Decentralized Social Media & Community


Women Empowerment Token

Decentralized Finance


Decentralized Lottery & Gaming

Lottery & Gaming

Decentralized Identity

SSI Based Identity Management

Decentralized Identity


NFT Marketplace for Artists

Asset Management & NFTs

Smart Ballot

Blockchain Based Voting System

Voting & DAO

Diamond Supply Chain

Blockchain Based Supply Chain

Supply Chain


Experiential Travel and Tourism

Travel & Tourism

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